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is it possible to have t-tops installed on a trans am that never came with them from the factory? has anyone had it done? is it worthwhile?

If you want Fisher T-tops (which are by far the best T-tops) then the easiest and best conversion is to have a complete Fisher T-top roof swapped onto your car by a body can't really "fit" Fisher tops into a standard car roof.
If you want aftermarket T-tops, they can be fitted into the standard car roof.....just they aren't as good as Fisher tops (IMHO) and the parts can be a lot harder to source (read $).....there are Hurst Hatches, American and C&C tops.....those are the ones you'll most likely find for sale or on parts cars.

What LeighP said. There was a guy or two over at TAC that were doing roof swaps. Since the site crashed, those posts may be lost if they didn't get backed up.

Check out

Keep in mind that the roof adds a lot to chassis rigidity.  If you are putting T-tops into a non-T-top car you should also consider subframe connectors, otherwise you may think the car is like a piece of limp spaghetti the first time you cross a railroad track. :shock:  :?


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