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Just looking for some input here guys. I'm thinking of putting some roller rockers on my T/A and I'm curious is it hard to do? What size should I use 1.5 or 1.65? These would be going on my 6x heads on my T/A. just looking to get some more power alot of ads say between 10-30 bolt on hp. I'm thinking of the harland sharp rockers.

brian c:
I'm running a set of Comp Cams roller tip 1.5 rockers on a Pontiac 455. Not much wear on them yet as the car isn't on the road.

I believe if you go to the 1.65 rockers you'll be looking at machine work on your heads to make certain the pushrods have the clearance they need. And I think you'll be needing tall valve covers as well so if you have the stock AC setup it won't clear the new covers.

Hard to do? Nope. Just pop your valve covers and follow the instructions for removing/installing the rockers. Make certain you have a new set of valve cover gaskets to replace the ones on your current block.

i put a set of comp. roller rockers in my new motor and i bought a new (stock height) valve covers and i had no clearance issues, now i'm not sure about Harland sharps because of the shape, but i had problem w/ the comps.


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