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Where is the best place to find power window and lock kits for a 79 TA. No mine did not have the them. I just want them.

You can buy all the power window stuff on ebay.  Get the wiring diagram out of the service manual.  That will tell you what you need.  I've bought enough for almost two cars.  Usually you have to buy in bits and pieces, but over time you can acquire everything you need.

Here's what you need from an original set up for power windows:
1. Orange wire to fuse box
2. Relay
3. Wire harness to console switch
4. console switch plus retainer
5. door boot with harness to window regulator (one for each side)
6. harness that connects from the switch harness to the passenger side boot regulator harness
7.  Regulators

I may have forgotten something...

Power lock stuff is also available on ebay.  You need two lock solenoids, two power lock switches.  The harness that connects  to the switches and solenoids, and the harness that ties the two sides together.  The power source is the same one for the power windows.

if you are willing to wait till the first week of march ill be heading back to maryland where all my parts are and i do have a full set of power windows and locks, just let me know if you are interested

The power window and lock sets from electic-life are by far superior to the stock parts that came on a ta. The aftermarket kits come with everything you need and also wire up with good grounds and relays.

I would be interested in the power window set-up eroc.  I believe I have most of what I need but am willing to buy as a whole if that is what you want.


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