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78 Trans Am Aftermarket Rear Disc Brake Conversion?

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Does anyone have any experience with installing a rear disc brake convertion to a ws6 1978 trans am.  I have heard some horror stories on installation, but didnt know if anyone has any personal experience?  Looking for a solution to help with better stopping power after installing a 500hp motor.  Thanks  Dave

Steve (Maltese Falcon) has a post over at TAC, he is doing this on his Fire Am  conversion.

Yep, but you'll have to content yourself wtih what he's already posted.  Prior to the crash over there he had a thread documenting what he's done rather exhaustively, but it went down with everything else.  Now Maltese Falcon is out of circulation until mid-March from some eye surgery scheduled for this next week. :(  :?

Great, thanks for the feedback.  I will try to email him and see if he has any additional input on how the conversion went.  I am looking into a couple different solutions and dont know what will work the best.  Thanks again.

Just don't be discouraged if you don't get an immediate answer.  Steve is suffering from a detached retina and he's going to be immobilized, face down, for two weeks+ after the surgery! :?


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