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Who sells a complete exhaust for a 1977 Trans Am ? I know of two places but am wondering if there is more. The ones I have heard of are Ram Air Restorations and Pypes. If these are the only two out there which one makes a better product? Is a person better of with a dual exhaust into one muffler and dual out or duals into seperate mufflers? Is there a clearance issue when using either of these systems? I am using ram header manifolds and the engine when finished will be about 380 HP. Thanks,Lance

hmm i cant say which one makes a better product but i do like the whole pypes system....i ran it on my 79 and my 78 i had....dont like any of their brand mufflers though....flowmaster, and magnaflow both have systems out now..and when i finish my 79 im putting it on....but as far as clearance issues the pypes was a perfect fit everywhere...mine had the x-pipe and when it ran down the body it was tucked up rather nicely in the driveshaft tunnel.... ;D

What Pypes system did you use? One muffler or two? Do you recall the part #? Thanks

i used the dual muffler system, never cared for crossflow mufflers

Were the mufflers located under the car or just one by the rear axle? I have been to pypes web site but I am not sure what system you are talking about. Would you have time to go to there site and find out what system it was?


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