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Who's a dummy? Jegs or Summit?


I need a center link for my 78.  I'm finding that Jegs and Summit suggest two entirely different part numbers, and each one says the other's part number is wrong.

Summit suggests the Moog part number DS829, which is a $73 part.
Jegs says that part won't possibly work on my car, and suggests another Moog part number which is something like $140.

Who's the dummy (aside from me, for shopping at either of those places)?

And if anybody knows the right part number for ANY brand of center link, lemme know.  I need the part and I can't figure out who is right, and I don't want to try and get through to someone in the know at Federal Mogul.

Summit is right # MOG-DS829

I ran into the same thing with my 77.  I ended up going with - I don't remember the part number right now, but I think it was over $100.  It was the right one, though.


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