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« on: February 01, 2013, 06:59:35 AM »

Super quick carpet install instructions:

Pull your carpet out of the box and let stand for 24 -48 hours prior to install

1. lay into place
2. center left to right
3. Get nose of carpet left and right all the way up to the under column kick plate about 2 inches under this. Remove the bolts from that plate and tuck the carpet right up so they actually tough the 2 bolts when they are bolted back down.
One the passenger side the carpet should go all the way up to the firewall pad and inner heater core box.

4. Once you have the front of the carpet in place the REAR of the carpet tail should run right to the turn up at the rear seat but not turn up with the metal just run right to the point of the turn.

5. Ensure the carpet is still centered

6, The console mounts by 2 braces under the center console bin. The carpet needs trimmed so it can "Drop" down around the braces and sit flush. I trim the one closest to the shifter (forward one) Take a razor knife with a NEW blade and cut a square right at the same size as the base of the brace. I cut basically the shape of a U and let the 3 sides drop in and then trim off the tail of the square.  The rear brace is next NOTE the carpet will have the extra jute padding if you are using a ACC carpet so using your NEW razor blade you will cut the same sqaure but have to "saw" through it some as you cut through the jute.

NOTE This above is the single most important step. Your carpet MUST sit even left and right and MUST SIT down on the floor pan at the transmission tunnel. If it does not site flush any life you have it will then become "short" at the sill plate. This is very important.

Run the power window switch and front female seat belt wiring out of the sill area across UNDER the carpet to the console area. I hand the power window wiring on the shifter so it is out of the way I get the seat belt warning light and have it pass up in the hole you are about to create in step 8. ALSO on cars with shifter indicator light unclip this from the wire connector at the dash (is a single gray wire with a U clip and a light socket on it) roll it up and set it also on the shifter.

8. Start with the front seat female console side seat belt bolt. Push down with your finger and use a small pic to poke a hole. cut a thin slit with the pick still in the hole. pull the seat belt wiring up and through. Turn in the bolt for the seat belt 3 or 4 turns. Do the opposite side next. Be 100% sure the carpet is tight and with out a crease from the console braces down to these new holes. adjust if needed so there are no creases and the carpet is still tight on the floor pan.

9. Trim the 8 seat track bolt holes. you can use a pick once again and come in from the underside of the car upwards and then simply "poke" a hole where the bolt should go. Trim back a small area 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch on 2 sides leave the 4rth side non cut. Screw down the bolts 4 turns. NOTE only 6 of the 8 holes with this trick work on. 2 of the holes are covered and not accessible from the underside of the car. You can simply thumb feel around of use a smaller flat head screw driver to locate the holes you can not access from the bottom trim out as above.

10. Go to the sill plate sides of the carpet and thumb feel for the hole for the sill plate side seat belt mounting point. You can flip the carpet back, eyeball the hole and then pop the pick once again in the hole and use the razor knife to cut a slit and then turn in the bolt 4 turns.

11. Starting at the kick panels tuck the carpet up and under them tightly. You should be able to do this on most cars with out loosening the kick panels. Use a dull stubby flat head to help push the carpet up into place.

12. At the rear lower armrest panels tuck the carpet up and under them.
NOTE if you have properly followed the above instructions guess what? You will have to actually trim about 1/2 inch off! Joy joy too much is so much better then too short!

13. Install the sill plates left and right. You want the carpet to tuck under the lip and be straight and even. Trim as needed if needed.

Enjoy guys

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