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Survivor 1978 Martinique Blue Trans Am


In case anyone wants to see my 78 survivor  T/A I picked up in early 2016 here it is. A one family owned T/A, ordered without the hood emblem. Has L78 400 and auto. I took out rear seat last summer and the unmolested build sheet was right where they often are.  This one is in my "keeper" collection.

I have been on this site frequently but finally registered today. 

I will have 2 very nice rust free, running and driving 1979 T/A's for sale this summer. Both have T-Tops.  One has numbers matching 403 and great paint, the other is also a 2W87K VIN but has a 79 301, and new paint.  I will also be selling a  1979 T/A coupe, numbers matching 301, auto, solid, running and driving, has some rust in trunk.  Sorry, but in case you are wondering I do not do all of this effort and hard work to sell T/A's at give-away, dirt cheap prices. That is not my market.

I hope you liked the 78 Martinique Blue survivor photo.


I appreciate the compliment!  I was awe-struck by the 77 & 78 Y82 SE's when I was a teenager (and that never went away), but the factory Martinigue Blue T/A's have a beauty that is all their own.

Think this is the first blue one I've seen with bird delete. Nice!

The Bird's looking great. Any mod plans for it?


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