Author Topic: Going to be in the market for a '77-'78 soon, but I'm picky...  (Read 2217 times)

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Hey guys, I'm very likely going to be in the market for a '77-'78 T/A in the next few months, so I'm doing my research now.  Basically, I'm looking for places to search.  Obviously, i know about this site, and Restore a Muscle Car out in Nebraska.  I watch Ebay, Cargurus, and Autotrader Classic.  I just want to make sure i don't leave any stone un-turned when I am ready to buy.

I will be looking for a '77-'78 T/A
Blue, Red, or White
4 spd
A/C car (I live in FL)
No T-Tops

Of course, I'd love a car in perfect condition, but I'm not opposed to picking up a driver that needs some work as long as I can drive it in the meantime.  I almost picked up a white T/A last year, but my credit union threw a curve ball at mean at the last minute so the deal didn't go through.  Where can i go to finance something like this?

Lastly, are there any other options that are realistically impossible to add after the fact?  I can add an upgraded stereo, vinyl interior, etc. easily. 

Thanks so much guys - my dad has a '78 Y88 4spd and I want to one-up him so bad!