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and this one doesn't really show off the car but i like it soooooo much ^^

To be honest with you , if I had that car i would be out there all the time cleaning on it and making sure everything was in PERFECT condition. Reason being, these cars are only going to go up in value. You have a VERY nice car. Take care of it!!!

Eagle 1:
I dont know about the engine, but the seat covers look pretty good. :wink:

You've got the exterior looking great!  I wouldn't worry too much about the engine compartment unless you are showing the car or getting ready to sell it though.  Spend your time driving and enjoying the car.  I love the 4th Gen ram air cars.  Look awesome.

Keeping the engine compartment clean , for me  anyways, has always been a two fold benefit. When you lift the hood to show guys with modified Mustangs that they got whipped so bad by a basically stock engine, cleanliness can be your friend. When something goes wrong and repairs are needed, a clean engine compartment is it's own reward. It can also prevent critters from moving in and rust from forming. Cleaning the car brings you into "oneness" with the vehicle as well, you learn where stuff is, how it's supposed to look,and grow closer to your ride. Just my opinion. Can you tell I miss my 2000 Ram Air?


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