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Mint set Silver (Mirrored) Fisher T-tops Wanted

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Ok, I am looking for a set of mint condition Silver Fisher T-tops.  They are the mirrored ones that only came on the 10th Anniversary Trans Am or the 1980 Pace Car. I do not want anything with scratches on the glass or wear marks on the tint on the inside, or broken frames.  So I am looking for a mint set or as close as possible. As you all know my car has a "Black and Silver" theme to it and I wanted to replace my grey T-tops with a set of mirrored ones or have both actually.  Here are some photos of what I want to do:

Grey (Current)

Silver (maybe)



If anyone has any or know where some are, shoot me an email or send me a PM and let me know.  I would like to see photos as well when you contact me.  Thanks for your time.

Burd Turd:
Went and looked at those t tops earlier today. They turned out to be the grey type, off of a 78 brown t-a. They are in the fisher bags, but there not perfect.He told me over the phone they were silver. They have the chrome drip on them. Interior plastic is cracked, and handles are missing, I have a set of handles, If any one is interested pm me. The guy's asking $250.

Hitman: I think your car would look sweet with silver tinted t-tops :) Even sweeter then it already does ;)

Burd Turd:
I love tata's

Hey Reaper you don't happen to have a set of Hurst tops?


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