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Simmons camo 3x9x40 scope f/S: ***SOLD***


$50 shipped Priority Mail.  $40 picked up locally at 42082.   
    Nice camo scope by Simmons Optics.  Variable power.  Clear lens- there is no layer of coating coming off. Realtree Hardwoods camo pattern.  Very light ring marks from where it was temporarily mounted on my camo .223 rifle.  .223 = negligible recoil so there has been no recoil trauma on this scope.  I would say I fired the rifle 20 times ( one magazine) to sight it the scope and test-fire.  About a week later I decided that I couldn't stand a scope on my AR so I took the whole shebang off, where it has sat on a shelf until today.  I am asking around half price for it and will ship it USPS Priority Mail to you in the lower 48 states.  Other places may be higher shipping.  Scope was $89.95 + tax new.


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