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snowmobile for sale with pictures **************

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Hey guys if any of you may be interested, I have a 2000 arctic cat ZL500 millenium edition sled for sale I will start her off at $1800 as i need to sell it to free up some money to get another truck. We sold my wifes bravada and are going to try to do the no car payment thing and see what happens. It has the flip flop paint from green to purple looks really nice.

Where are the pics , you know the rules . It's going to snow soon you will miss it

i need to take a picture of it. Believe it or not, i have never taken one of it. I need another truck over this thing. and it will free up some room

any takers open to cash offers trying to put money together for another truck. I have a helmet (L) and jacket too (XL) for the right price take it all. plus home made roll around dollies.

When we get our first snow, I'll drop you a PM.  Don't hold it for me though ...


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