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Another thumbs up for the Yeti- he sent my parts as soon as I contacted him, and is a real pleasure to deal with.  He's definitely the guy to check with if you need parts for your T/A or Firebird.


Thanks for the kind words.  I appreciate it, as I do you and all the great folks here at 78ta!

Yeah so Yetti is awesome. Great price and a good condition functioning part that I desperately needed. Shipping was so fast that I went to the site to see when I should expect delivery and it said it was delivered yesterday morning. It was nicely packaged and wrapped in foam inside the box at my door. Guess i should start using the front door more often. Awesome surprise. Thanks again. Easy A+

Thanks, Justin.  I think I remember you saying once that I was the first guy you bought a part from on here.  There's been a few more times since then.   Thanks for the continued business, and for your dedication- to your family, your car and to 78ta! 

Dark T/A:
+1 for kentuckyyetti Great Seller, great communication. Thanks


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