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NWW-79 T/A ripped me off!

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NWW-79 T/A:
Of course I responded. I've responded to his messages as well. I told him I'll let him know when it ships. Over the weekend when he asked for a tracking number I told him I couldn't send it cause of the weather and if get it to him soon. That wasn't good enough. Like I said, he can have his money. And the seat belts if it makes him happy. I'm not a thief, I have no reason to be.


--- Quote from: JupiterBandit on October 04, 2012, 05:02:02 PM ---What does 16 have anything to do with it?

16yr old men captained ships from europe to the new world.

If the guy didn't send someone his stuff, then??????????

--- End quote ---

What 16 has to do with it is he may have limited resources for getting things shipped off as quick as this guy expected. It just seemed the way the guy was writing in his post that he was impatient and a little childish for calling him a "deadbeat". I don't know the whole story but I just think the guy may have jumped the gun a little. I think most people on this site are here to help each other out, not screw people over.

That's true 2 sides to a story. Sounds like you are making things right. And if you did keep in communication then that is great. Shi% happens sometimes.


This is what happened everyone.
You tell me if I over reacted.

I pm'd him if they were still available.
within 5 mins I get a response that indeed they were.
I paid him instantly through paypal. Then I offered him a Trans Am calendar on top of it for free! for him selling me this at the offer I gave to him.
He said his car was not good enough to go into a calendar, so I said I would give him a T/A calendar anyways without his car in it. He accepted.

the next day I asked for a tracking number.
I got NO RESPONSE. he says he responded, but he did not. 8 days later I pm'd him again telling him I no longer wanted to do business with him, as I felt I was getting ripped off, due to no responses from him what so ever.
immediately he responded again giving me a line about bad weather.
Why did it take me to tell him I was no longer interested to get a response from this guy?

I then filed a paypal claim, and he said he would give me my money back. I still have not gotten a refund.
I am a business person, I deal with customers ALL THE TIME.
If someone orders something from me, it will be in the mail THAT DAY, or if not, I would be in contact with them the entire time.

reputation is everything.

here is a response to the same thread that I bought my seatbelts from from another person interested in something from him.
"oh thats nothing,i asked  him bout a '76 rear bumber cover & a month later he told me he had problems getting the bolts off,so i replyed back on how to get the off with ease,then another month goes by & tells me the car is gone,go figure"

I did not over react. I did what anyone in my situation would do.
There are a LOT of scammers online.


--- Quote from: Elz on October 04, 2012, 04:11:24 PM ---Probably a little overboard with the name calling isn't it? He's a 16 year old kid, cut him some slack.

--- End quote ---

You are right, I should not have called him a deadbeat. But cutting him slack because he is 16 is a moot point. A 16 yr old can just as easily call UPS as a 40 yr old could. And a 16 yr old could just as easily rip you off as a 40 yr old could.
The fact remains that I have not been refunded yet. He knows I am not interested in dealing with him any longer.

I am not impatient, I waited over a week with no response. I don't think that open communication between a buyer and a seller is too much to ask for. If he did tell me there was an issue, I would have had no problems waiting for the item. I got nothing from him, until I started some action.

Just saying.


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