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Sorry but have to post this sent him 3 front grills for his 79 one fairly new and two others good driver conditions for 80.00 and that included shipping. Sent them about 4 months ago and still never received payment yet. Keep getting stories. Told him If he just would have sent 20.00 a month he would have had them paid for by now. I guess if you do any business with him just be careful.
Had this happen twice to me so far with sending parts to people.

He is just a kid. I'm sure he means to pay you but he should have told you up front that he might not have the $$ for awhile

NWW-79 T/A:
I'm sorry, I know your still waiting on your money. I intended to pay you last month when I sold those seatbelts, but the deal fell through. I'll try to get it this week while I'm out of school.

I usually keep my mouth shut with stuff like this, but it seems to me it is starting to become far to common.  For one, the seller, SHOULD NEVER send the product without payment.  Those days of trusting people from a distance have past by.  There are the few exceptions, example, someone you deal with all the time with no problems and good friends.  And second, the buyer (whether your a kid or not), should pay in a timely fashion if someone puts faith in you to live up to your word.  At the very least, good communication goes along way.  If you are having a hard time coming up with the money, letting the seller know helps alot. Most people are pretty understanding if you let them know what's going on.   Just my .02  Damian.

We had some communication but it's been one story after another I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first three months I understand things come up but if you don't have the money for things then don't buy them. He was on me about sending them so I figured he had the money. It's a catch 22 situation people don't want to send the parts till they have the money and people don't want to send the money till they get the parts. I guess it's send a deposit for the parts then the rest after you receive them. I guess I trust people to much and that they will honor an agreement.


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