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Assembling your GM Drum Brakes, 2nd Gen. F-Body, Rear, Picture Heavy.

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I applause you on the awesome write up.  This will help many enthusiasts abroad.  One thing to add is all of the hardware is still made by companies like raysbestos and others.  About 10-15 dollars a side including the adjuster.

Very nice write up.

You mentioned that many people these days are converting from drum to disc brakes. 
Is that a difficult things to do ?

If anyone needs some particular Parts IE: Springs clips etc. I have some left over and they are free just pay the couple bucks for shipping.  I can send a pic I know I have those 2 rubber elongated plug things along with a lever,  spring, retainer etc.

Great Write up!

The one thing I like to do is take a couple pictures before I take the brakes apart. It's helped me out tremendously during reassembly. Just a tip.

This should be a sticky some of us that have gotten use to disc sort of forget the little stuff.  BTW, I usually buy a whole new hardware kit like mentioned before.  All new springs and wear parts for about $20.  Only thing I would have done in this case was coat the inside and small parts with POR15 since heat brings moisture.  That's why these brakes rust so easily especially here in the Midwest.


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