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Bandit T-Shirts


Guy sent me this link to some new "Bandit" T-Shirts....

Thanks Mr. Campbell for displaying this.   My pet peave with T-shirt "hawkers" is that they don't offer pocket T's. Trans Am depot does not offer them, it "appears" this bussiness does not offer them either.

  While T-shirts are popular, pocket T's are Sooo much more functional for just a little extra expense. It just "seems" that these guys are focused more on what "they think" the public wants. Very few NASCAR drivers offer pocket T's which is their loss.

 Ask Guy Harvey how his Pocket T's are selling......I'm sure there are others here who have an opinion......this is mine!

dude! i know you have a thing for pocket t's! you mention it everytime someone is selling a shirt! myself i dont need or want the pocket. i think the pockets were made back in the day for a pack of cigarettes? anyways just wanted to put a vote for no pockets...even though there is no vote!

Your right Gilbert, I do have a thing for pocket T's and I don't smoke. Usually a pocket T is a better quality made T-Shirt. Plus if I need to put my sunglasses somewhere the T-shirt pocket is the perfect place for them.

 Your right one has a vote here but I sure do like the idea of a choice.........don't you?


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