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Hurst T Top Manual & bulletins


Burd Turd:
Here's the What you get, A GM 1977 Hurst Manual,  plus these  4 bulletins- 2 are Service Bulletins, 2 are Dealer  tech Bulletins.  covers both types of Hurst top, 1977 and prior plus 1977 Grand Prix built after dec 17 1976 ( all originals, no copy's here)
#77-T-49  1/1978
#77-T-49A , 2/1978
#76-I-48 5/3/1976 This is the 1976 Hurst manual
#76-I-1A 11/1976
5 pcs total

Gives part numbers, lost of photos.  Here's how to do any fixes of these tops.

$90 plus ship.  ($6 conus, priority envelope)


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