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Spent 2 days at the Lakeland,Fla Autofest. I had a blast. Saw and parked with many TA's. Got to park my TA next to the Snowman's trailer. Saw many different cars up for auction including a Lamborghini Countach ( over 100K). a tupolev powered speedboat, a cobra and huey helicopter. I got my passenger sunvisor signed by Burt Reynolds. Many,many parts up for sale.

 Saw t-buckets,32 ford coups, mercury's . New Kevin Morgan TA's were there. The weather was perfect.

 I would highly recommend this show for anyone into classic cars!

Those Bandit Runners have been my friends since 09. A great group of people. I couldn't make Florida as I just had taken a vacation with the owner of the rig from Missouri.


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