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AUTHENTIC Smokey and The Bandit Jacket from 1978

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He should be banned from returning

Agreed. Thought he had to have 5 post before listing items for sale? We had extensive text and he seemed like a good guy but according to him his dad is the one who pulled the rug out from under me. Jacket sold on ebay for $1900 plus. He originally sold it to me for $600 plus shipping/fees. I didn't have a clue what it would sell for as I haven't seen one for sale in years. The last I saw to sell on ebay went for $500 with a Stunts Unlimited belt buckle. Apparently $600 was a great buy for me but I wouldn't have paid $2K either. I bid it up to $1500 hoping to buy it again just for the pleasure of leaving bad feedback. But any more money than that was counter productive for me.

I did manage to buy from ebay one of the Celebrity Authentic's reproduction jackets signed by Burt Reynolds for under $350 shipped. They retail them for $650.  Not exactly what I wanted but for the savings will make a for a nice display with my car.


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