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2017 Bandit Run

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--- Quote from: Flounder55 on April 16, 2017, 08:34:25 AM ---Cool! I'm staying at the Wyndham in Peachtree City. I was lucky and had a friend that knew the hotels in advance and I was able to book the day before the list came out. I'm  just driving from Jacksonville to Atlanta. Want to take my car around the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I hear they are going to JUMP a 77 TA across the Lynch river in Jonesboro on the 24. I want to see how the car runs since I had a stroker kit put in it.

--- End quote ---
Burt Reynolds has announced he will be there for the jump. He set a million dollar fundraising goal for wounded veterans. 

I'm there! 40th anniversary! I live in Buford, GA, and will be driving my black and gold '78 survivor down!

Yeah, he is going to be in Jonesboro for the Bandit Jump. I'm going to try to record that either on my phone or Go Pro.

Well it looks like they moved the Bandit Jump from Jonesboro to Atlanta motor Speedway. Early bird tix went on sale today (15 bucks) 25 bucks after the first 100 are sold. The Super VIP tix are 500 and that gets you a special seats, 2 free drinks, T-shirt and a photo op with Burt Reynolds. There are other grades of tix but I was able to get 2 of the cheapo(15) tix.


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