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Stephen W.:
Hello and thank you, First post here and new 79 Trans Am owner. I need help locating and need advice on swapping out radio. pulled aftermarket radio and Im left with a jagged hole and no real "pocket" for the new radio to sit in. Any advice on where to find Pocket or how to seat new radio so it's flush. Thank you

Are you trying to install another modern single DIN radio or going back to a factory style radio?

Stephen W.:
Hi, No its another modern single DIN. Its the one in the picture.

Sorry didnít see the pic at first. There is usually a sleeve that comes with new radios like this. Then you bend the tabs on it to hold it in place and slide the radio in.

Very common to be able to find a single DIN insert that works. The original radio was secured by the faceplate, now cut away, and a support bracket. You may have to invent something to suit the new unit, albeit much lighter.


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