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Thoughts on Monroe Spectrum Shocks?

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I'll be changing my front shocks sometime in the next month or so.  A lot of sites point me to Monroe's OEMSpectrum Shocks.  The reviews on this shock seem to rank from "great shock for the price" to "they only last 3 years tops".  Anyone have any thoughts on these shocks?  Should I look for some KYB's instead?


I'm not familiar with the Spectrum line, but anyone that says something good, but adds...for the just saying you get what you pay for. Otherwise, there's no reason to mention the price.

Burd Turd:
What sites say that?
Monroe matic is nice. Thatís what I use. 

Monroe matic here too

Thanks guy's!  If it gets a seal of approval here, then I'm in.

Normally when I'm unfamiliar with a brand, I'll check out the reviews on their sites that are from past, to current users of said product.  Hence why I mentioned that the reviews were sort of mixed.


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