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Missing Brake Bracket on Axle (77 Trans Am)

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Hello Everyone,

I was installing my new brake lines from InLine Tube yesterday and I realized I have nowhere on my rear axle to mount the end of the rubber hose connector.  It looks like there is supposed to be a bracket hanging off of the driver side of the rear axle, but I don't have one.  Does anyone know where I could get a replacement, or I am open for other options.  My hard line terminates on the rear side rail, so clamping a bracket to the diff. cover is too far away for the rubber hose to reach.

Thank you in advanced.


This is the way it was when taken off.....just hanging in the air....

Iím not saying they arenít available but I had a hard time finding one when I did an axle swap. I was able to rob the one off the old axle tube and weld it on to the new one. Sorry, I know that doesnít help.

Hadnít found this before but this might work. Not identical but might do the job with a bit of cutting.

There was also an extra adaptor piece that was used by twin muffler cars, as they ran too close to existing junction. Many aftermarket exhausts are this way so be sure it isn't too close when you fix it back in place.

Metal cable ties may be useful in wrapping around the axle tube and securing either the junction or a bracket that it is located on. It wouldn't be a solid fix but not bouncing around either. Hard to do at present if not installed in car.

The original mounting plate usually had 2 dimpled spot welds onto the tube. Look on your existing tube for the original location, shown by the snake bite marks!

Hard to tell on small blurry phone screen but I think the marks I'm seeing are actually the bend over tabs. I'll post a pic or two later if still needed.


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