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I purchased a set of snowflakes from someone on the forum here.

His username is birdman455
I sent payment to him via paypal on Apr. 30, 2008.
Didn't really hear too much from him. Then he sent a message saying he was out of town, just got back about a week later.
and its been sort of back and forth with me asking what was going on with the rims and him saying why they haven't been sent out yet.

Last I heard from him was on May 28, 2008
And he said he was having a tough time finding boxes.

I've tried contacting him through the forum, posted something here and over at TAC trying to find out whats going on.
Tried calling with no answer and left a message.

I just tried to get on paypal and register a dispute for never receiving any items paid for and paypal told me this:

We Have Registered Your Dispute
Thank you for registering your complaint about this transaction. Unfortunately, this type of transaction is not eligible for PayPal dispute resolution. We encourage you to continue to work directly with your seller, as we have found that many misunderstandings reach amicable solutions through communication.

Not totally sure what that means or why it says that, but I can't seem to get a hold of this guy. If anyone knows this guy or lives around where he is at.. I know he lives in Connecticut but I'm not sure where.
He works in Pomfret, Connecticut and this is his company's site
Don't know a home address.

I'm really at a loss for what to do here.


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