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1980 Y-84 SE Trans Am
« on: October 09, 2019, 10:07:34 AM »
Hi all,  I have an freshly repainted but otherwise pretty original 1980 Y-84 SE Turbo Trans Am.  I have the PHS for this car.  79,000 original miles.  Needs a couple things to be a done deal. Needs the full decal set, currently sitting in fresh 3 coats of dupont triple black paint.  Beautiful paint, looks nice without the decals.  Needs new weather strip.  Not sure why the guy who painted it didn't put new on but he didn't.  Has snowflake wheels on it now, but i did pick up a set of Turbo rims to re-finish gold as these are very hard to find at the moment and on backorder from OER with now ETA so....  Interior shows minor wear on drivers seat where seat belt rubs but otherwise in great shape. Even has a slightly beat up original rear console added (wasn't on the build, someone put it in after) Has a Hurst dual gate shifter and a new 3 inch non original exhaust.  Doesn't look right but is very nice. Car has nice power.  Could benefit from vacuum line replacement as most look very old and original.  Overall a very nice car that would be a pretty easy winter project for someone.  Car is located in Stowe, Vermont.  Have an easy access yard for trucks so shipping would be easy.  One sold on Barrett Jackson for over a hundred grand with low mileage on it!  Own a real "Bandit" for $24,000 Getting harder to find one of these for less than 40 grand that doesn't need tons of work.  Message me with any questions or you can email I can't attach pictures here because no matter what i do they say file too me and i will send you the pictures if you are interested.  You won't be disappointed

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Re: 1980 Y-84 SE Trans Am
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