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Power steering setup
« on: June 25, 2022, 08:13:54 PM »
Hey all.  I have 78 TA with a 68 Pontiac 400 engine and when I bought that engine it had 6x heads on it.  I installed the engine and the power steering from my 78 mounted right up. Now Iíve installed 68 code 16 heads and my 78 power steering wonít mount to them. No big deal I bought the power steering mounting brackets and pump for those 68 heads.  Problem now is the power steering wonít work. I donít know if itís the pump from a 68 not working with my 78 steering box.  Iím on my second 68 pump now cause I thought the first pump was no good.  Iím thinking Iím missing something.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks