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77 Trans Am Rear Bumper Bracket Help....


Was wondering if anyone could offer me any help here.  I found the dreaded rust on the passenger side rear bumper bracket.  I ordered one (gm 526627) that was listed in the Trans Am parts catalog, but it turns out to be completely different than the one on my car.  Has anyone ran into this before and what are my options? I am attaching a picture of the comparison and a picture from the drivers side.  Thanks in advanced.

The brackets on my '78 look like the one on the left in the side by side.

Where did you order this from?


I ordered it from Ames Performance, part number FL581JF.

The thin version is what the soft 76/77 rear bumpers used, upgraded for 78 with new bumper material. Doe the holes still line up to use it?

Thanks for the response.  Yes, the studs do line up between the two.  I think I just have to use the new one and try to reform it to look like mine.  Shouldn't be too bad. 


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