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Ultimate Trans Am Kit
« on: September 05, 2018, 10:10:05 AM »
Just a quick note - I recently purchased the "1977-78 BLACK "Special Edition" TRANS AM GERMAN STYLE "Ultimate Kit" (7778GLU) and the combo application spray, gel, and protector from Phoenix Graphix. I took my time over a few days installing all the majority of the decals and could not be happier. The quality was outstanding.

The decals arrived rolled up in a tube. The bird was in its own plastic bag and the stripes were in another. The bottles if spray were rolled up and placed in teh middle. Great packaging and quick shipping - arrived just a few days after ordered (I live in CA). It took a couple hours of laying them out on the floor to remove all traces of them being rolled up.

The visible part of the decal was covered with paper, not plastic as I've read elsewhere. The pre-spray (cleaner) and slide on gel are an absolute must. Use more gel then you think you need and take your time smoothing it out.

The pre-shaped stripe kit is a huge help as you dont have to shape any of the pinstriping. Every stripe is well labeled and easy to find. It comes with a great reference sheet as well. It helped to have some pics of Trans Ams available as I was installing the pieces. The striping kit comes with pieces for cars with and without t-tops and extra striping for 1976 cars so you will have extra that can be used for later repair jobs.

I started with smaller pieces to get the hang of it and moved to the large hood bird last. This was a good idea. Also, you can do it solo, but it helps to have extra hands, especially for the hood bird.

Overall, I would 100% recommed the kit and would buy again.