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Wanted: T-10 4spd shifter

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I want to find a 4spd shifter for my T-10.  The one for the 79 TA console, need the shifter, rods, and brackets.  I do have a knob :lol:   I have an auto in my car now but have not hooked up the linkage or put the driveshaft in yet,  maybe if I find a good deal on the right shifter I will just take the auto out and put the 4 spd in. :lol:


The shifter install kit for a Hurst Competition shifter will work for the factory Hurst shifter. I bought one and used it to install my factory shifter on my new T-10.

It comes with rods, bolts, brackets, arms, etc. Everything but the shifter and knob!

Grab a bare shifter off of eBay for $20 and grab the install kit for $85 and you're good to go!

I think I have the bare shifter,  I don't have the plate that goes form the shifter to the trans or the rest.  I will take pics of what I have and maybe you guys can tell me what will work.  I don't have alot of experience with the individual parts. :D

I took some pics of the 2 sifters I have, the one I think is original and an inline 4 spd shifter that wa son it before.

here is the original(I think)

Here is the inline 4 spd shifter

I have some of the parts with the 2 combined, but not all.  what does the shifter install kit come with?

You'll need a 4-speed console too if you are converting from auto to manual trans.  :wink:


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