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70-76 Fiberglass Cowl Hood (bolt on style)


Still looking to get rid of this thing, I'm sick of it being in the garage and I will never use it as I dislike cowl hoods on 2nd gens.

Make me an offer, not really looking to ship but will work with you if interested that much.

Located in Upstate NY (bout half way between Rochester and Buffalo)

Here are some pictures of it when it was on my '76 when I bought it, still in exactly the same condition and has never been painted. It comes with the hood latch so you don't need to run hoodpins.

Hi, are you still selling this hood?

12 years later...

Hey, I still have my dual ram air hood from 14 years ago that someone finally got back to me on. Best to ask than not,...wondering if 🤷🏽‍♂️


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