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3:08 rear end from a 1971 Formula 400


I have an open 3:08 rear end from a 1971 Formula 400 for sale. $200.00. I prefer it be picked up but if your willing to pay the shipping and for the straps I will strap it down on a pallet. West Monroe, LA

I knows itís been many years, but do you still have that 3.08 for sale? Thanks.

If you're still around and still care even tho he's probably sold it, his email is on his profile. If you email him directly you might get a response. He hasn't logged in in three years

Thanks for the advice, Iím good now and just going to change my 2.73 to a 3.08 around here. Had to go on a long deployment and just started finishing up some other things needed on the car. Happy holidays!


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