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I came across a 78 marty blue trans am on craigslist. I am fond of them so much I really wanted another one. I had one when i was 16 and stupidly sold it off. I found another one back in 2007/8 ish but it had too much rust to want to fix so i drove it for a summer and let the leaf springs visit the back seat. Long Story short this is to save you guys from the same headaches.
I find this car the guys price seemed fair. His ad sounded like he got screwed of help working on the car so he had to sell it. Pretended he didnt know much about cars at all. So this guy being 2.5 hours away from me and I was scheduled to leave the day before to go on vacation but put it off to get this car. I wake up 4a.m. so I arrive by 7 am. look at the car yup yup solid yup i see 24 on the paint code good to go heres your cash lets load it up. After loading he says ok the parts that are off the car are at my other house....ok no problem. On the way there we stop at a little car lot. He goes inside (on a sunday) grabs the title out of a file cabinet. Hmmm so the guys a dealer hmm well ok maybe he doesnt know how to fix them rather just sell them. We get to this other house. trans am parts everywhere. I mean everywhere. Wtf thought you said you didnt know much about these cars? answer: yes I parted a couple to work on this one. As I see 5-6 dashes in one corner parts here parts there parts upstairs, in the garage, in the shed, in closets and even in the basement. I get what the car was supposed to have go with it and leave. I go on my hunting trip and enjoy. I return 1 week later. I notice something strange. I see white paint in the trunk jamb area. Huh I thought that was primer in the poor lit dark garage? I know i seen 24 on that trim tag. I am going to order up a phs a second because maybe someone just swapped trim tags. I then look at the vin plate to grab the vin. hmm sagging on one side. whats this I see? a touch of red on the edge of the dash under the black paint. Wait this car didnt have an a/c box in place, let me go over there and check the vin number. Oh shhhhhhht that vin doesnt match the vin in the dash or on the title! phs comes over by now. yup yup marty blue car black int ws6 yadda yadda. Red bells, whistles and flags are going off now. I immediately call the guy and say hey man problem if i noticed this when i was there, the car would have never been strapped to my trailer especially for what i just paid. His answer stop harrassing me. Wtf? really I am harrassing you? You have 2 options buddy. ! come get this car with a full refund to me or 2. I am calling the police and let them figure out what to do with you. I end up calling the police. They say " this happens all the time and theres nothing we can really do about it. WHAT???? I know theres a law against this what do you mean you cant do anything? Sir this is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Your going to just need to sue him if your unhappy.
So here I sit with a car I have no idea if the body is stolen or not. A car I cannot justify spending money on because i know its screwed up and a car That in good consience, I cannot sell to anyone at all.
But basically I got screwed and im flat out not ok with what the police department said either.
So heres a pre warning. This guy lives in Onsted Michigan. His name is Paul Garcia. He has a part in a used car lot called D&D auto Sales. They do have other old cars down there for inventory. (hopefully not stolen cars)
There allowed to be shady and nothing happens.
He also has parts for sale, watch yourself as you might be buying a stolen part.
This is your pre warning guys This is for everyones safety as much as the build a bandit guy was!!!

Sounds like he is running a chop shop of sorts. Maybe local police are not interested but the state police or feds may be. I would make a few more calls. Maybe even a local reporter would take up the story and do a little more investigating. Just the pressure from knowing people are looking into his ethics may be enough pressure to take the car back.

Sounds almost like the response regarding Build a Bandit. The cops don't care! Contact that states DMV inspectors. They probably already have him on their radar.  You might want to look into hiring a lawyer ( I know you've already spent a bunch of money) , it's the only way to protect yourself. If you paid by check, cancel the check if you can.
 Sorry to hear of your misfortune but there are people out there like that and they know the law ....better than you!

Burd Turd:
Buy a nice car and keep it.   Stop the flipping. 

Haven't had a nice car since I sold my y82 in 2010.


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