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Front Afco Racing Shocks from Pro-Touring F-Body


F-body International:
Since upgrading my front suspension to a full coil-over kit from Pro-Touring F-Body, I will no longer be needing my front Afco shocks.  These are the base non-adjustable versions that are a part of the 1LE package.  I drove on them for about 3-4 seasons so they're not new but still a very nice quality shock absorber.


Here is a link to the Pro-Touring F-Body website where you can find these shocks...

Here is an article from High Performance Pontiac Magazine where they install these shock absorbers...

Here is part 2 of the same High Performance Pontiac Magazine article where they finish the rear suspension and compare numbers a 4th gen WS6 Trans Am and also a '13 CTS-V Wagon generate...

Lower control arm mounting hardware will be included but you will need to supply a couple rubber bushings for mounting the shock inside of the frame.

Hello, just wanted to know if you have torque specs for these shocks, bolts and nut?

This post is 6yrs old, he hasn't been online in 4yrs, and the hardware attached are regular fender bolts, not the original shock hardware.


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