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The last day or two all the posts are showing the most recent reply at the top instead of the bottom. This means a few times I've tried to reply to something that was not even asked, or others have already said because it's all in the wrong order. Has someone changed the settings or is there an individual setting preference for reading? I certainly haven't touched anything here.

So of the 15 members who have already read this, did you also notice this on your own devices, or has it not changed at all? Either answer would tell me what I need to know.

Relpy going to the top for me also.

the one I just sent now went to the bottom???

I don't always time to reply when I scan over things on break at work but I try to reply/post when time allows.

All of the topics I've looked at are in normal order (original post at top with consecutive replies following below).....including this one.


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