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For Sale - NOS (basically) AM/FM/8Track/CB


Haven't been on in a while...if i'm posting in the wrong place, please let me know.

A few years back i bought an original AC Delco AM/FM/8Track/CB unit. The unit had been in his 79 Trans Am he purchased new. It did not work when he picked it up from the dealership and was replaced with a 'loaner', and the original unit was sent back to be exchanged for a new permanent unit.

Somehow he ended up in possession of his warranty replacement unit AND his car still had the 'learner' in the dash. Car long sold, he finds the brand new, still in box unit with all inserts, etc. and sells it to me. To this day it has not been installed in any vehicle.

Financial s#^* show has caused me to sell my Trans Am and now have no use for this unicorn of a find.

I have the unit and all electronic guts, the mic and the documentation (including the FCC license app - you used to have to have a license to use a CB!!). I can include the box although it got mangled in a move (the unit thankfully was not in it).

Willing to ship anywhere in the continental US or you can pick it up locally in Manchester, NH.

Pics are attached.

Asking $450 / b.o.

you can reach me at echo at birdlover dot com for more info

Looks like a nice unit for someone needing.

Per forum rules, you will need to post a price.
Thank you

Tiiiiny pics


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