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**Sold**1977 T/A W72 400 motor and TH350 transmission - Tempe, AZ

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Hello.  I have a good running Pontiac 400 and accompanying TH350 transmission (out of my '77 T/A).  I am having a shop do an LQ9 and 4L60E swap for me. There are 74,xxx miles on the pair.  No Known issues, other than a very minor oil leak coming from near the oil filter.  Complete from Carb to pan.  Will come with accessories shwn in pics.  I do not know if the engine or trans have ever been opened up.  How about $300 for the motor, and $150 for the transmission?  Located in Tempe, AZ.  PM me here if interested.
EDIT:  The site is not letting me post pics right now, but I did get numbers off the engine: c271329 YS (front of motor);  481988 (back of motor).  If you are interested, let me know, and I will text or email you the pics I took.

Hi, whenever you can get the block # from the back THNX

Will do.  Shouldn't be too long.

That should be a "557" block if original..

Regular 400 block with extras added for 77 W72.


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