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Olds 403 *new* engine


I have for sale a Oldsmobile 403.  It is a remanufactured long block made by Surefire from the late 90's.  It was sealed and placed on an engine stand for the last 22 years.  It has never been run and is flawless.  See attached pictures that were taken today. It also has an HEI distributor.

Asking $2000 OBO

You may wish to mention where it is located and if a stock rebuild beyond intake.

Itís in Colorado near the Wyoming border.

Itís not a rebuild, itís remanufactured.  Everything is OE mannered except for the valve covers and intake which were added after purchase.

Some of those head bolts will need to be swapped and moved for installing accessories.


Whoever buys her will have move more than a few headbolts to get her set up.


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