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Selling Set of 14" gold Snowflake rims

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I purchased Year one 17x9's so I'm selling the 14" ones that were on the car originally. Also have a set of 15" if interested. $500 for the set

14" would be originally off other small Pontiacs.

Thanks, I thought 14" seemed odd. when I said originally  I ment the rims that were on the car when I bought it. Not sure what was on the car in 1978. I have 15" rims aswell. Not sure how to post pictures though

My 79 came with 14" rally 2 style rims with the stainless trim ring. That being said, my car is an Esprit and not a Formula or Trans AM but the 14" "Snowflake" seems odd and as mentioned, likely off a different car!!

5 lug 14 snowflakes were an option on Grand Prix cars.  4 lug snowflakes were an option on the Sunbirds


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