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T-top disassembly and tips how to repair


I wanted to start a new thread on t-top disassembly and repair tips. There were threads on the other popular Firebird site but they have been lost forever (database crashed and no backups). We need to get all this knowledge back online.

So far fbodywarehouse write up is all I have found:

Does anyone have tips or steps they take when restoring t tops? In my case I want to know the optimal method to removing scratches /dents in the metal trim as well as best black trim paint to use and best chemicals to use for cleaning / repairing the glass.



Aus78Formula, you rock!

That very last step on the first link you provided shows the part I want to repair as called the "aluminum channel", and it is removable. I wonder what chemical or tools & procedure I should use to remove the channel? I don't see a reason to remove the aluminum brackets in my case. If I can remove the aluminum channel I can try to remove the dents I have and/or send it out to someone with that gift if I can't do it to my satisfaction (most likely what will happen).



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