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While looking around a found dead urls on the site that resulted in a 404 error, is there a way to report these links so they can be updated or removed?

Also what about a ls swap section? I get that a lot of people dont want like or want a section but definitely wont want those posts in other sections.

Raise it with Photobucket. The frustration goes way beyond those who can't see pics posted. You can start with your own avatar, same reason others haven't bothered.

Feel free to post LS1 swap info, anywhere, it will mean there's at least one new post on this dead forum.

No? Didn't want to contribute, just wanted others to redo everything for you to take free info and run? Sure, most the forum is made up of you guys. 10 years and 4 posts, if you want a post, perhaps be the one who posts it not the leach who just sucks off those who do contribute.


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