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A Visit to Kentuckyyeti

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Just wanted to share my experience on dealing with Mike ( Kentuckyyeti ).
I finally made the drive down to pick up some parts and it was well worth the trip. Not only does Mike have enough great T/A parts to build a fleet of birds but also has a wealth of knowledge about them, too. Mike is a truly good guy and one of the types that makes this hobby fun.

It's always nice to meet another hobbyist who isn't in this for notoriety or profit...Mike is involved with cars because he truly loves them and wants to see as many as possible make it back on the road. 8)

It's a rare occasion to get to meet/talk with a member face to face and I came away today with some very nice parts at a VERY good price. I will definitely be making another trip soon.

Thanks for being part of the hobby and the community here, Mike. ;D

Well Jeff, next time you go can you shoot on up to Cleveland and take some wheels to him? lol

Yeah, that should be on my way, right?? ;) :D
I believe he still wants the Cragars

Thanks, Jeff.  It was great to finally put a face to the name.  I enjoyed all our conversation (a few hours worth for y'alls FYI ;D)  and hope to meet up with you again soon.  As for the parts- I was glad to make some room around here. The birds keep comin' in, even as I try to thin them down :o  Guess it's just my lot in life huh?  I think you've got more passion for these cars than I could ever have.  And that's good for us all and for keeping the cars alive!  Door's always open and you're always welcome here.  Mike


--- Quote from: LOMILETA on September 16, 2007, 10:00:18 AM ---Well Jeff, next time you go can you shoot on up to Cleveland and take some wheels to him? lol

--- End quote ---

Sorry, the Cragars got replaced with these wheels.  The tires came in Friday and Saturday morning I was getting them put on.  275/60-15 rears and 215/65-15 fronts.  I bought a 81 Trans Am just to get these wheels that were on it last week.


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