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I have added a new feature to the ever growing  This new feature is a fully functional Photo Gallery much like what you would see out there on sites like Photo Bucket and Flicker.  But now, it is kept in-house.  You can access the Photo Gallery Here:

Once you get to the site, click on the "Register" link in the upper right hand corner of the site.

Once there, fill out the requested information like user name, real name, email address and password, plus the security code.

After you fill out the form, within a few minutes and email will be sent to your email address that you filled out on the site.  In that email, there will be a link to activate your account on the Gallery site.

Once you have activated your account, you will be redirected back to the main page of the Gallery and you can start adding photos.  The page should take you back directly to your own album to allow you to start adding photos.

There is also a "Sidebar" that can be accessed from either the top left hand or top right hand side of the Gallery.

From this side bar, you can add photos, add comments, edit photos, and more.

Once you click on the "Add Photo" or "Add Item", you will be taken to the upload screen.  From here, you will be able to upload photos from a variety of locations.  You can upload photos directly from your hard drive, upload from other websites such as photo bucket, or take photos from a variety of different programs.  While uploading the photo, you can select up to two photos at a time from your PC and even add captions or descriptions to the photos during the upload.  Right now, the file size is limited to a maximum of 2mb per file, and 8mb per upload.  Also, each Gallery (album) has a maximum limit of 50mb.  You can upload photos, sound files, and even movie files.

Once the photo(s) have been uploaded, you can also access the photos to make changes to it.  You can add more comments and description, you can crop the photo, resize the photo, rotate the photo, and more !

Also, when you register, in order for everyone to assciate your screen name on the forum, with your photo album, click on the "Edit Album" link and change the "Title" of your album to match your screen name.

So, check out the Gallery and create your own photo album for the members here at to see.  You can keep a running album of your restoration project, photos of your car, or photos of whatever you would like.  Feel free to give it a test drive and let me know if you have any problems registering of working with the photos.

(Sorry, no objectionable material allowed.  If I find any objectionable photos in a gallery, I reserve the right to delete them, no questions asked.  Remember, this a Family freindly forum and website and I would expect the Gallery to be the same.)

I've tried this feature and it works as well or better than photobucket.  Nice addition, Brett!  We appreciate it! :) :) ;)

This is an awesome feature Brett, I finally got a chance to check it out, kudos big guy!

Suggestion, list more than three columns of thumbnails when viewing the main page of galleries.  Maybe four columns as the side bar would overlap if a fifth column were added.  but, that maybe OK.

Default the slide show information to 3 seconds, 1024x680

I LOVED the REG script that allowed me to upload all my pics at once into my photo gallery.  Great, great feature!

I added a new COlumn in there, but all it does is make the others smaller.  So, if I went up to 5 or 6 columns, then they just shrink.  I also added a link to my home page up top (someone else suggested that in another post).  I am still looking into the default information for the slideshow and how to change that.


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