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Muscle car bone yard: BEWARE

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Hi all,

Just wanted to post a negative experience I had with this mob. They sell on ebay as wesell4you.
I waited 129 days for a headliner that never arrived.
Steve was unable to provide me with a tracking number or any explanation other than "I am looking into it".
If you read their feedback this is not an isolated incident.
Getting a refund was hell. (Took numerous calls, emails, complaints to paypal etc and a total of 130 days).
I ended up $135 out of pocket for my experience, I suggest buyer beware.
I thought this may save someone else from getting ripped off.

It's amazing the customer service people get sometimes.  It's like common sense is thrown out the window.  Sorry to hear about your experience Mark.

EDIT:  Well said Brett and Pat


I am not trying to defend anyone here.  I don't know the seller you are talking about and have no experience with him  B ut this is what I can tell you about waiting for the interior parts.  I get all my interior parts from a company call PUI Interiors.  They are netorious for having long delays on items like the door panels, seat covers, and headliners.  They go through a rotation of colors and most of the time when I order, it takes like 6 weeks to get it in.  Now, I am not going to get into a long story about them, just stating that more than 50% of the time, you do have to wait.  There have been some people on here that will tell you they have waited three months to get seat covers or headliners from me because of the delays at PUI.  In fact, I remember one guy waited about 5 months for a red headliner and never even got it.  I refunded his payment in full because PUI could not deliver.  I placed an order for a headliner that was pre-cut for Fisher t-tops back on September 6th, and I STILL have not gotten it yet.  So, like I said, I am not try to defend the seller on Ebay and have no idea who he/she is.  I am just stating that I know what it is like to wait from stuff when it comes from PUI Interiors.

This member had a similar post removed from TAC,
But the last post at TAC stated he received a refund after using these boards to bash the seller
It seems he ordered more than One item, the items shipped together, then he claimed not to have received a headliner
Since the tracking showed the items was received he had no recourse other than to start a smear campaign.
Now since he has started bashing the guy, he received a refund for the headliner, but not the shipping.
Since he ordered more than one item, and said he received the other items, the shipping expense was not refunded.
Guys who use these forums to bash people really need to find something better to do with their time
Bret is Absolutley right about PUI. They Offered the T top headliner for 4 months before it was even Avail.
The only purpose of this post is to ruin the reputation of a aseller who is not here to defend himself.
This member should state ALL the facts, not just the ones that make him look "Right"
It really says a lot about someone when they register today and the first post is a slam on someone.
This member obviously is just making the rounds posting this stuff on every board he can register with

Hi Rich, Hitman and big Hooch.

Thank you for the feedback.
It is helpful to know that such items often take time to arrive, it was more the fact that I was getting no answers, specifically a tracking number.
As Big Hooch points out, I did order two items.
1. Car seat covers. Which were posted via UPS. Took 6 weeks, arrived, no concerns. No complaints. Steve is right. He has a tracking number showing this did arrive. No argument here from me.
2. Headliner and backing. Which Steve informed me was too big for UPS
This is the exact email from steve

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 11:13 PM
Subject: *****SUSPECTED SPAM***** Re: *****SUSPECTED SPAM***** Re: Questionfor item #110107682850 - 19761977 FIREBIRD TRANSAMDELUXE SEATCOVERS BANDIT

The seat covers and door panels can go USPS parcel post for 35.00 a box, Covers are one box, panels are one box, The headliner is too big for the post office and it will have to go frieght
\The best price I have so far is 140.00
I am still looking

Note, I did not end up ordering the door panels.

So, as you can see, I paid for postage on the seat covers SEPARATE to the headliner. Hence the request for a refund for shipping I did not receive.
I did post this on Trans am Country, after telling Steve that I would do so if he did not refund me. He refused, after the posting, had a change of heart and refunded the cost of the headliner only, not postage.

I GUARANTEE I never received it. I will go on record as saying that if Steve produces my signature showing receipt of the HEADLINER (NOT the seat covers which I will pay him $1 million. Take a lie detector test. Anything.
I would like to see Steve offer to back his claims with such a guarantee.

I understand your statement Big Hooch, given the information you have. The forum post at transam country stated, keep it brief, just the facts. So I did. I just want to stop people from ripping people off. I have been a transam country forum member for years, bandittransam car club member for years and also have used ebay for years without one single negative complaint against me.
Unfortunately, if you look at steve's feedback, the same can not be said.
I never knew this site existed until I looked for a forum where other transam owners were likely to congregate, hence, possibly deal with the muscle car bone yard for parts. No point posting on the Oprah Winfrey site.

Most of all, I hope this starts a discussion about what people should expect from a transaction, and what is fair. I was not aware of the delays commonly experienced until Hitman mentioned it. But I am sure Hitman can produce a tracking number for his clients.

If there is any question of my validity, I am happy to post every email sent back and forth from Steve to me from day one. They will speak for themselves.

Please feel free to discuss the pro's and cons of my decision to make my interaction public. I have no issues with that. As for what I choose to do with my time. If one person saves themselves from losing their money. It was worth it.
Too often the little person gets brushed aside.

I look forward to any responses.



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