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301 Turbo remove & replace


81 Turbo SE:
How much more trouble is it to pull a 301 Turbo for rebuild compared to something without all that turbo garbage that trys to melt its self everytime you turn the key?  I imagine stripped and broken bolts everywhere...

Here is what Brett reply to my post of swapping 301 Turbo.

81 Turbo SE:
80 Indy, I read that.  Sounds like you have a really nice car but you want to pick up the pace a little bit... Lets face it, we should be able to smoke the tires in a car that looks like these ones do but the 301 Turbo doesn't even have the torque to leave a good patch of rubber.  Not that your looking for another opinion on the engine swap for your pace car, but I'd probably sell it and go looking for a nice 77 or 78.  Personally, I prefer those years front end and I'd really like the 400 too.  Additionally, I believe those years will appreciate quicker than ours while you get the performance your looking for right out of the box. As it stands, your going to sink $4-7K into a car that would probably sell for less than it did before you invested your money.  If you never plan on selling it, then the appreciation is irrelevent but if you might...  Really none of my business though.  I plan on staying as original as possible.

My concern is that all the intake plumbing and turbo parts will never come apart due to the heat these non-intercooled engines produce.  I'm having trouble finding new upholstery and even air fliters... I'd hate to pull  a nice running motor to replace bearings and seals only to break something that forces me to throw away the whole turbo system.

You are right, I might just have to suck it up and drive. But that is embarrasing for a car that called itself PACE.  It sounds like it can do 150 easy for a long period of time. NOT


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