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W72 Factory Chrome Valve Covers???

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I finally got my factory chrome valve covers back from re-chroming. My question is, On the drivers side cover, do the oil drippers go up, toward intake, over the push rods or do they go down toward exhaust, over the springs. It's been so long I can't remember and the passenger side has oil drippers on both sides.

Thanks in advance,

Would a picture of the cover without the oil cap help?  It looks like what you're describing is towards the carb, I can see it through the hole.

Yes, there is a Shield(for lack of a better term) on the same side/half of the oil filler hole as the oil drippers are on. are you saying this goes toward the carb/intake side of the head.

                       Thanks, John

That's how mine is installed....with that shield on the carb side.

Eagle 1:
Those are called oil deflector tabs and should be pointed towards the top of the engine, intake side.


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