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DIY: Power window 4 relay setup (w/pictures)

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You don't need the old relay. Actually when GM switched to the new blade style fuse box in 1980 the Window Relay was no longer used, so depending on your year you may not even have a window relay. Learn more here:

       I installed the power relay setup on my 1979 T/A  and it all went in fine. I installed the door glass and it goes up and down very well on the drivers side. I then moved over to the passenger side and for some reason, my window motor works intermintent. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it will go down when I hit the switch. I checked the power with a test light and it seems to have power in the up/down switch positions. When I use an external power supply to the motor, it works fine - telling me its not the motor. Somehow, I'm not getting enough power to move the window motor through the exisiting wiring. I wired the power through the fusebox, replacing the circut breaker with a 30 amp fuse. But I did not eliminate the  exisiting relay - could this be my power problem?
      Next question - how do I eliminate the relay? Thanks in advance.....                        Jon Wiz

Here is my follow up of my window problem. I found that the connector wire to the window motor on the passenger side was dirty and needed to be cleaned up. After using some sand paper and a shot of electronic cleaner on the metal ends, the problem went away. The passenger window goes up and down more consistently except it is slower than the drivers side. I was told that because the wiring to that side of the car is further away from fuse box, the slower window is common. All in all, the window motors still are better now than before and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Thanks for this project.   John

Thanks for the great teach info in the power windows.. I just have one question regarding the diagram I do not have the original relay in my 78 T/A its missing.. the harness is there but nioo relay how do I bypass it using the diagram

At the factory power window relay....

Connect pink wire to red with white stripe wire going to switches if you want the windows only to work when your key is in "RUN/ON". (Recommended)

Connect red orange with black stripe wire to red with white stripe wire going to switches if you want the windows to work all the time, keys or not. I don't recommend this, all one would have to do is snake a coat hanger under your door window, push the power window button down, and your window would come straight down.


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