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Here is a notice I got today from TapTalk. Looks like they will be adding in advertisements to the App. People always looking for a way to make more and more money *sigh*

Dear Forum Owners,

We are excited to announce that Tapatalk is going to begin testing a free version of Tapatalk and in-app ads as a way to help you make money from mobile traffic.

Moving from a paid app to a free app

We recently started to offer the Tapatalk app for free for iOS devices. Since we began to test the free version, we are very happy to report a significant increase in downloads.

Testing ad formats

In the next few days, we will begin to test ad formats on Tapatalk. The ad formats will be integrated within topics, and there will be three formats; banner ads, app installs, and “Promoted Topics” (similar to Facebook’s Promoted Stories).

During this initial phase, we will be testing technical integrations. The frequency of ads will be very low, and many of your users may never see an ad.

After the test

We expect the test phase to run 30-90 days. At the end of test, we will have a good understanding of the performance of the various ad formats. We will also determine the revenue model, and we will retroactively share the ad revenue from the test period with you.

We are excited about helping you earn money from users accessing your forum through Tapatalk. Over the next few weeks, we will provide you updates on the test and will monitor and respond to feedback on the Tapatalk Engagement and Monetization support forum.

If you prefer that your Forum not participate in the pilot, please email me at

Eric Sternbach
Head of Community Monetization Tapatalk


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