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Bought the Restoration Manual from you, need help


Trying to figure out how to use this manual.  If I want to replace the windshield washer bottle on a 1978 how do I find the part number? 

If you are looking for the washer bottle part number, open up the Parts and Illustration Catalog and look at the index there. You will see in the index "GROUP_10 Doors -  Glass - Wiper - Weatherstrips", open up the folder for group 10 and look for the illustration pdf file and open that. Then scan the pages until you find the washer bottle shown in the illustrations (which in this case is on page 11 of 119). There you will see a picture of the washer bottle with the number 16 pointing to it. Then look at the list below and it says "16. - Container, W/S Washer 10.154" so the part number for the washer bottle (container) is in section 10.154 of the parts (number) catalog. So open up the pdf file and look for section 10.154. In that section you will see all the different part numbers for the different bottle for the different years and applications (there are 13 different ones listed there). Find the one that fits your application and year and it lists the part number there.

Thanks.  I have found some of the parts I was looking for but could not figure out how to use the numbers to get an actual part number.  Makes better sense now.  Thanks.


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